Queen of Curaçao

Waking up from a coma—without her memory intact—is not something Cassandra anticipated when she says her goodbyes to her best friend, promising to find her daughter, along with the other children who went missing since the arrival of an unknown criminal organization in Curaçao.

Joey's Girl: 

What would you do, if the one who got away resurfaced again after five years, and was now dating your best friend? Would you give up the love of your life for the sake of a friendship, or would you pick up from where you left off and try to reclaim your love?

The way Jordan sees it, he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't, but the only thing he knows for certain is that with time one of them is going to get hurt—will it be him, Tiana, or Joey? Find out in Joey's Girl...

Ongelofelijke Dromen:

Leona krijgt de schrik van haar leven wanneer ze de onbekende man, over wie ze gedroomd heeft, op een dag in levende lijve voor haar ziet staan. Omdat het zo’n bizarre situatie is, besluit ze de mysterieuze man niet aan te spreken. Dit laat haar wel met een gevoel van gemiste kans achter. Wanneer het leven haar een tweede kans biedt, pakt Leona die met beide handen aan en zo leert ze Nathaniel kennen. Hij is een verleidelijke politieagent die alles in huis lijkt te hebben wat een vrouw zich maar kan wensen. Maar is dit ook echt het geval?

From Stuck to Limitless

Do you still harbor hurt and pain from past experiences?

From Stuck to Limitless is an anthology featuring individuals who share their harsh truths about trauma and survival—from childhood sexual and mental abuse, adult traumas, and debilitating health issues.

Through such truth-telling, we learn we are not alone and that it is only by sharing that we can heal ourselves and give hope to others.

This impactful collection of essays from some of today’s changemakers will change your life and mindset.

Content Warning:
This book, although not graphic, includes essays from individuals who discuss their experiences with PTSD, child abuse, and sexual assault

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